Infinity Medic Services was born out of the belief that we could set a higher standard for remote medical treatment.

We believe in hiring only experienced medics who can handle emergencies.

We believe in exceeding every regulation for training, safety, transportation and equipment.

We believe in using our expertise and professionalism to act as a partner who meets your safety needs and delivers value-added services.

To do that, we bring together a team of the best industrial paramedics and equipment, and we focus our efforts on specializing in this one area—remote medic services.

While we pride ourselves on our professionalism and competency, our team is fun to work with and always ready to lend a hand.

Today, Infinity provides industry-leading remote medical treatment to oil and gas, mining, construction, paving and forestry projects as well as events across Alberta, BC and Saskatchewan.

Infinity’s head office is located in Armstrong, BC, but we have several locations throughout BC, Alberta and Saskatchewan to serve sites across western Canada.

Our Team

Tanya Cederholm

Owner & Licensed Medical Attendant
Tanya Cederholm grew up spending summers on forestry sites with her grandfather, an Industrial First Aid Instructor. Later in life, as Tanya looked for a career change, she followed his footsteps and became a medical attendant. After several years in the industrial safety sector, and with extensive experience as an entrepreneur, Tanya was inspired to set a new standard for industrial paramedics. In 2014, Infinity Medic Services was born. Tanya remains a licensed medical attendant & HSA.

Raquel, EMT-P

Raquel is a full-time EMT who provides medic services at events such as rodeos and derbies in her free time. She enjoys the chance to be outdoors at fun events with the public while being on-hand in the event of an emergency. Raquel’s patients enjoy her compassionate and warm yet reliable approach to providing emergency care.

Shawn Rachkewich, EMT

When Shawn Rachkewich isn’t riding in an ambulance as a full-time EMT, he enjoys being on stand-by to provide medical care at rodeos. In addition to taking in the events, Shawn likes being around to take care of the crowd and participants. As a team player who is great with people of all ages, Shawn is an outstanding addition to Infinity’s team of special events medics and an asset to the Canadian Professional Rodeo Association.

Bailey Edgar, EMR

After working as a medical technician in the Canadian Army, Bailey Edgar pursued a career as an industrial medic so she could continue helping people in a dynamic and interactive environment. Following her civilian training as an EMR, Bailey trained as an EMT and went on to work as an oilfield medic. In addition to several years of experience in medic services, Bailey has also worked as a roughneck, an H2S safety supervisor and an ERT providing emergency response at gas plants. Bailey’s well-rounded experience and her personable, outgoing nature make her an asset to any site.

Terry Holowachuk

HSE Manager, Empire Safety & Consulting Inc
As a professional safety consultant and the owner of Empire Safety & Consulting, Terry Holowachuk works with Infinity on a contracted, ongoing basis to continuously develop and upgrade all safety program requirements that ensure Infinity Medical Services meet and exceed government and industry standards.

Dr. C. Lewis, MD

On-call Physician
Dr. C. Lewis is a Grande Prairie family physician who has a long history of working in emergency medical service. Dr. Lewis helped obtain Grande Prairie’s first paramedic service and he was involved in rewriting provincial paramedic guidelines. He was a founding member of the Ambulance Advisory Committee to the Minister of Health and served on that committee for nine years. Dr. Lewis was also the Medical Director for Grande Prairie Ambulance Service and served as the Senior Medical Director of Grande Prairie Emergency Medical Services from 1997 until the present. As Infinity’s on-call emergency physician licensed in both Alberta and BC, Dr. Lewis is available 24-7 to guide medics as needed.